Hey there!

I hope you enjoyed this site and that you were able to find something to satiate your comic curiosity!

24Let me enlighten you a little bit about me, your trusty neighbourhood comic blogger, Leigha!

I am a life-long student, a future librarian, a sometime teacher, an occasional blogger, and an eternal reader!

I revel in geekery, I love the smell of a freshly published comic, and would rather read than do anything else. My pull list is never ending and I have a bedside bookshelf rather than table. I enjoy dabbling in easy-to-throw-together cosplay, and spending time at conventions and book clubs.

I have a habit of quoting Walt Whitman, of contemplating the existential questions of my life, and checking the mail for my long-overdue acceptance letter to Hogwarts (where I have been sorted into Hufflepuff despite wanting desperately to belong in Ravenclaw!). I fervently wish that I could sit around the dinner table with Neil Gaiman, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Eric Clapton waxing poetic and eating coconut cream pie.

Above all, I love, love, LOVE comics and graphic novels and I count Blue is the Warmest Color, Asterios Polyp, Fun Home, The Sculptor, The Outside Circle, and ANYTHING at all by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale as my favourite comics! I am also a huge fan of superhero comics :).

This is my second blog, the first The Feminine Pulse, was inspired by Marvel’s Jessica Jones before she reached superstardom, and some of the reviews on this site are duplicated from it.

Please feel free to leave a comment, make a recommendation, and join in the comic conversation!

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