Keep-Calm-and-Read-Comics-565x800Welcome to all the comic enthusiasts, curious new-to-comics readers, not-so-certain reluctant readers, and fellow comic-culture geeks! I am super excited that you have stumbled upon my little corner of the web to join me in celebrating a love of all things comics and graphic novels!

This website was originally designed to offer readers’ advisory services to fellow colleagues and peers in my Masters in Library and Information Sciences degree program, but I hope it will live on as a safe corner within the vast universe of comics and graphic novel culture as a space for recommending and contemplating comic literature. 🙂

A Few Things to Consider about Comics and Graphic Novels

comicsOnce upon a time, comics were widely considered to be the sub-literate pastimes of kids, when in fact, the skill it takes to perceptively read, understand, and connect with both the visual and text narratives make the reading of this medium quite sophisticated! This perception is increasingly more archaic, and graphic novels and comics have a diverse audience among kids, teens, and adults alike. There is a tremendous amount of quality literature in the graphic novel and comic format that should be taken as seriously as any other literary medium.  Which brings me to my next point:

It is vitally important for any reader of comics, readers’ advisor, enthusiast, or sometime reader to understand one crucial fact about comics: comics and graphic novels are not a
genre, they are a medium.
They are a sequential visual and (most often) text narrative that tell a story through panels. The medium of comics and graphic novels does include a vast and expansive array of genres, like science-fiction, romance, and history, as does any other medium of literature. Comics and graphic novels are NOT a one-size-fits-all medium.

There are a variety of formats within the medium. This site will consider three:

  • Graphic Novels are typically stand alone stories that, like any novel, can be wrapped up in one book with a distinct beginning, middle, and end.
  • Comics are considered, by industry standards, to be the magazine-like single issues that tell a story over a number of issues. Often these issues are combined and collected in Trade Paperbacks for readers who want to read an entire story at once, instead of in instalments.

How to Use This Site

This site offers recommendations of comics and graphic novels and reviews of titles that I have personally read. I have been selective in the titles I have added (I could spend a lifetime just adding all of the Batman books that should be read!), but I hope to continuously update and add to the list, eventually getting all of the stand alone titles I have read in there!

The pages entitled Pull List are lists and descriptions of graphic novels. Each pull list includes titles, descriptions, cover images, genre category, and age category.

Comic Reviews offers a glimpse into my personal experience with selected works.

Encourage Reading offers tips for promoting graphic novel and comic reading in libraries and classrooms, and for some, perhaps, among friends!


And in the immortal words of Stan Lee, “Excelsior”!!!!